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How is it possible to best reciprocate the trust the client is willing to place in us? Panrhema SCF works to ensure that its interests are fully aligned with those of its clients.

In fact, unlike the entirety of the financial promotion system (banks, stockbrokers and tied agents), Panrhema SCF does not obtain remuneration from the sale of financial products, rather it is exclusively remunerated by means of the fees paid by clients. Therefore, it does not receive any payments from financial intermediaries, management companies or insurance companies, is not involved in sales activities and does not have any relationship with firms selling financial products.

Because of this type of remuneration Panrhema SCF is uniquely placed as an advisor, rather than a vendor, meaning that we are able to guarantee our clients that Panrhema SCF will carry out its activities impartially, and solely for the benefit of the client.

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