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The Name Panrhema

Panrhema is a Greek term, from which the Italian term “parresia”, a synonym of bluntness, is derived. It refers to verbal communication without filters, allowing the parrhesiastes to “say it all”. It is a civil virtue, which is transparent and free from ceremony and pomp, with its fundamental element being the ability to say things as they really are, without censorship.

Panrhema SCF chose this powerful and evocative name as its business name because it is representative of its working philosophy. Those who choose Panrhema SCF can be certain that they will be assisted by a professional who will act in an honest, loyal, direct and transparent manner at all times during the professional relationship, and who will propose solutions that often differ from the traditional approaches, aiming for a consultative process and not simply a “sale”.

Panrhema SCf leaves obsequious attitudes to others and instead seeks to establish a deep-rooted and long-lasting relationship with those who appreciate our approach.

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