Our approach

Financial education
Panrhema aims to share with clients the main mechanisms regulating the financial markets and the groundwork on which the correct construction and proper maintenance of portfolios should be based, so that the client is able to take part in the decision-making process in a well-informed and knowledgeable manner.
Panrhema believes it is necessary, through continual financial education, to transform the common approach of private clients to bring it closer to the way in which institutional investors act and think.
In order to do so, Panrhema organises ‘ad hoc’ seminars, ‘family council’ sessions and designates a family member or representative from the institution as the main point of contact.

Functioning of the markets
Knowledge of the nature of the financial markets and their degree of efficiency is of fundamental importance both for the selection of investment instruments as well as to implement appropriate strategies for active and passive investment.

Financial planning
Institutions, families, communities and individual people may have varied objectives in relation to assets, which are not always clear or compatible with one another and not always possible to achieve.
Panrhema assists its clients in identifying reasonably achievable objectives in light of the resources available and prepares a customised plan to achieve them.