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Daniel Nocera, a chemist at Harvard Mizuno MP-4 irons University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, launched Sun Catalytix to develop his work on a low cost catalyst. But the company announced last year that it has put that research on hold to pursue a less challenging product with prospects of turning a...

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Light industryAnother entrant in the artificial Ping G25 Ironsphotosynthesis field is the Japan Technological Research Association of Artificial Photosynthetic Chemical Process (ARPChem), a consortium of universities and companies that has government funding comparable to JCAP’s grant although over ten years rather than five to develop a bag based approach. Kazunari...

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Besides, many of the alternative approaches beats by dre uk are being pursued elsewhere. Up the coast in Santa Barbara, California, for example, a start up firm called HyperSolar is testing a system in which coated nano or micro particles combining a photoabsorber and a catalyst are placed in a...

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Spectrum of ideasJCAP will soon complete louis vuitton bags sale uk its fourth year of operations. It got off to a slow start as new labs were built, but researchers both in and outside the centre praise its systematic focus on producing a practical system, and its progress so far....